Google Nest Hub Max takes on Facebook’s Portal with group video chats

Google Nest Hub Max takes on Facebook's Portal with group video chats

You can finally use your Nest Hub Max for happy hours and birthday parties. On Thursday, Google announced the device can be used to make group video calls with Duo and Meet. 

That also means Facebook’s Portal now has some competition.

While the Hub Max is capable of making video calls, it’s been limited to one-on-one video chat sessions. Now you can use both Duo and Meet to chat with up to 32 or 100 people, respectively, which is far more than Facebook Portal’s eight person limit. But you can also use Messenger Rooms on Portal, which allows for up to 50 people at a time.

And, while having that many people on the 10-inch Hub Max display might feel a bit squished, it’s not much smaller than the 10.2-inch display on the Portal (2019).  Read more…

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