Breonna Taylor’s death shouldn’t be an insensitive Twitter meme

Breonna Taylor's death shouldn't be an insensitive Twitter meme

Twitter users are calling each other out for turning a call for justice for Breonna Taylor into a meme. 

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, was sleeping on March 13 when white police officers forcibly entered her Louisville, Kentucky home without warning in what’s known as a “no-knock warrant.” Her boyfriend Kenneth Walker fired his gun, and in response, the police fired back. They shot Taylor at least eight times, the New York Times reports

The police were looking into two men who they suspected were selling drugs, and using Taylor’s address to receive packages, according to the Courier Journal. The “no-knock” warrant the judge issued, which allowed the police to enter without a warning or identifying themselves as law enforcement, has since been banned in Louisville.  Read more…

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